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Welcome to the Administration of Justice Pathway Program (AJPP) at Fullerton College. Our program is designed for incoming first year students, who wish to pursue a career in the criminal justice system. The Administration of Justice Pathway Program (AJPP) is a cohort-based program that serves incoming first-year students pursuing a career in the administration of justice system. AJPP offers a wide range of professional, academic, personal, and civic engagement opportunities to enhance the student experience at Fullerton College and ensure the successful completion of a certificate, degree, or transfer goals.

Some examples of careers in the Administration of Justice field:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Detective
  • K-9 Officer
  • Attorney/Criminal Law
  • Crime Scene Investigator
  • 911 Dispatcher
  • Emergency Management
  • Private Investigator
  • Federal Agencies (FBI, DEA, CIA)
  • Homeland Security, Border Patrol

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About the Administration of Justice Pathway Program

Program Benefits:

  • Designated Counselor
  • Peer Mentors
  • Cohort Specific Courses
  • Textbook Loan Program
  • Career related opportunities, events, field trips

Who We Serve:

  • Incoming first-year students (Fall Admission ONLY)
  • Students intending to pursue a career in Administration of Justice

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